With the weather beginning to warm up, it is even harder to pick an outfit that fits that awkward time between winter and spring. You want to be comfortable in the inconsistent temperature both in the classroom and outside. This Fashionista is rocking a perfect transitional outfit to wear to class this time of the year.

Many students find themselves gravitating toward simple basics as everyday outfits for class. Though this Fashionista’s outfit is comfortable and casual, she still looks put together and is representing her personal style. She also incorporates a number of trends into this simple outfit. When going to class, this is exactly what you want to achieve.

As the weather begins to warm up, two things you can begin to put away until next year are your boots and your heavy winter jackets. One trend that this Fashionista is rocking is her white high-top Converse. White Converse match with everything and create a classic, effortless and cool look. They are also comfortable and practical for walking across campus to get to your class. She cuffs her ripped jeans so that you are able to see the top of the Converse.

This Fashionista replaces her heavy coat for a lighter black puffer vest. She layers this over a plain white ribbed knit sweater. This will keep her warm outside without a heavy coat but gives her the ability to take off layers if it gets too warm in the classroom. Her lavender scarf adds color and texture to her look. Another major trend emerging is fringe. This scarf incorporates this trend in a small way. This Fashionista completes her look with a silver watch and a few bracelets.

One Simple Change: Switch out the vest for a light jacket to create a different look for spring.