March 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi, Fashionistas/os! When finishing high school and starting college I’m sure one of the main changes we have is going from a daily uniform to deciding what to wear to class every single day. This can be a real struggle for those exam weeks or those days when you feel more likely to just go in your pajamas to class.

That´s why today I come with the perfect outfit for an everyday class look. My first impression of this Fashionista’s look was from the different prints she is wearing. I love people that manage to wear different prints without looking too overloaded and, as I have already confessed in other articles, this Fashionista has totally achieved it!

Her accessories include an oversized blanket scarf, which is one of the pieces on point for this season, a burgundy beanie (this color has also become a major trend for the past seasons) and a very appropriate backpack. Who said that wearing a backpack was not fashionable when you can find such cute ones?

The coat is something that stands out from her outfit as well. Leopard print is always risky, but wearing the right one is always a success! In fact, as I have already stated, I think that the mix of this leopard print with the scarf print is what mainly catches your eye when looking at this comfortable but stylish outfit.

One Simple Change: One of the main strengths of this outfit is that it’s comfortable but cute at the same time and can be worn for many occasions. You can wear it as an everyday look for going to class or, by wearing a cute bag instead of a backpack, you could convert it into a weekend look.