It’s that time of year again, when dressing for class has become a challenge. We are currently stuck in that painfully slow transitional period from winter to spring and we are faced with a dilemma. We want to break out the dresses and skirts but the weather says otherwise. It’s tempting to pack up the dull winter wear when stores and magazines are publicizing the new spring trends but it takes courage of some caliber to be the first person on campus to do so.

This Fashionista bravely said goodbye to winter in a cropped graphic T-shirt and a bold coral skirt. The purple, blue, yellow and coral accented colors on her black shirt essentially composed the color scheme of her entire ensemble. She accessorized with a clear choker adorned with blue and purple rhinestones. This omitted a newfound aura that simulates this generation’s reinvention of the ’90s tattoo choker. She completed her outfit with gray tights and black platform lace-up booties that corresponded to the cold temperatures and offset the colorful palette of her skirt. She truly knows how to be a trendsetter and bring out spring colors and clothes a week before the season officially begins.

One Simple Change: Go from day to night by switching out the coral circle skirt with a black skirt of any length and you are ready for spring when the rest of campus is still a few steps behind you!