The ’60s were a time bursting at the seams with groundbreaking, inspirational and diverse fashion. Over the course of the ’60s, style icons ranged from Jackie Onassis to Diana Ross, from Twiggy to Edie Sedgwick; the style inspiration was indisputable.

The range of style and diversity of the style icons is the reason why ’60s fashion will always have a near and dear place in my heart. With babydoll dresses, hot pants, tie-dyed shirts and knee-high boots being pieces that were staples of women’s fashion during the ’60s, who wouldn’t fall in love with this era? This era of fashion and beauty was innovative and inspiring during its prime time, but is still managing to inspire designers, stylists, models and Fashionistas today. Gucci’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear line, designed by Frida Giannini, created a beautiful collection inspired by the ’60s. Knee-high boots, fur coats and dresses are blanketed in brightly colored yellows, greens and blues. This collection is the perfect example of how to modernize a vintage trend.

Frida isn’t the only designer who was inspired by the mod era. The Saint Laurent fall 2014 ready-to-wear line is rich in inspiration. This collection took a darker turn when it comes to color when compared to Gucci’s ready-to-wear line, but stuck to the traditional silhouettes. Babydoll dresses, plaid mini skirts, Mary Jane’s and dark-eyed makeup were some key pieces throughout this collection.

This Fashionista screams mod! Her simple and chic black and white dress has ’60s written all over it. Her minimalistic makeup, black knee-high boots and dainty necklace are the picture-perfect accessories to add to this classically styled outfit. This dress is chic and easy to walk back and forth to classes in.

One Simple Change: Going out with your closest group of girlfriends after classes tonight? No problem! Try adding a motorcycle jacket, dark lip and a statement necklace. This will edge up the outfit a bit and effortlessly transforms this look from a daytime look into a night look.