Does this semester have you in a frenzy? Like many students at Penn State, you may be rushing to multiple classes every day, frantically finding time to finish assignments and still trying to find time to enjoy with friends. Even with your busy schedule, there is always time for a stylish ensemble. As tempting as it may be to grab those yoga pants and Nittany Lion sweatshirt, you do not have to reserve the other half of your closet for the weekends. Getting dressed and looking your best for class will boost your confidence. You know what they say, “Dress well; test well.” Who can argue with that?

This Fashionista brings her A game for class with knitwear in pastel hues. Her mix of purple and pink tones nod to springtime, all while keeping her warm in the February snow. Color-blocking is a perfect way to add some fun to any outfit, while staying practical for class. The oversized fit of her sweater is both comfortable and chic, and with a complementary infinity scarf, her knits are a dynamic duo. She keeps her jeans and combat boots all-black and monochromatic to balance out the feminine colors of her sweater and scarf. Her accessories are absolutely impossible to miss. Dazzling statement earrings add a bit of glam to this Fashionista’s outfit. She also sports a glittering watch to keep her fabulous and on time to class.

If you want to remain cozy and warm, but still shine while walking through campus, unexpected color combinations and bejeweled accessories are the way to go. Even walking into a large lecture hall, you will be the center of attention.

One Simple Change: Meeting up with your friends for a girl’s night out after class? Exchange your combat boots with a pair of black wedges for a sleek look. Swap out the infinity scarf for a minimal choker to add another glamorous touch to the look without over-accessorizing.