Spring break is around the corner! Although for some it may not feel or appear as if that is true. With a few more days of class before break, it is important to finish strong attending classes, no matter how confusing the weather is. Moody weather can be a hassle and a huge deterrent on how you dress for the day ahead. While wearing sweats is always an option for gloomy days ahead, dressing up can also be an awesome way to lift your mood helping jump start into a great day.

When I first stopped this Fashionista, she couldn’t believe I wanted to feature her look. What drew me to stop her was of course how stylish I thought the outfit appeared, but more importantly, the underlying goal the outfit succeeded in doing—balancing fashion and comfort. Who said you couldn’t compromise?

Starting from the top of this Fashionista’s outfit, she wore a black scarf and leather moto jacket. I actually enjoyed how minimal the accessories were with this casual look. I feel as though this outfit didn’t need much to garner character. She also wore a red over-sized sweater with a hint of black at the bottom, which complemented well with the jacket and scarf she wore.

This Fashionista also wore a cool pair of olive green cargo pants which helped balance the outfit giving it a nice transition into the spring season. Finishing off the ensemble she dressed her feet with a pair of classic style black boots. Overall, her outfit was a great look for trekking to class.

One Simple Change: Take this look from an average day to class, to a night out with the girls. Simply change the cargo pants with black pants, helping give the look more of a chic vibe.