We all know how attractive a guy can be when he dresses himself well. While there are many guys who consistently rep the pajama pants and bedhead look to class every day, there are also guys who know how to really put themselves together. A little effort can truly go a long way in any man’s style, so listen up boys.

I found this Fashionisto walking out of class dressed perfectly for the occasion. He’s wearing a knit gray V-neck sweater with a collared shirt peaking out underneath. The printed collared shirt not only provides a layer to the outfit but also a pop of color to the gray sweater. He paired this duo with slim fitting khakis. A nice pair of khakis is key to a guy’s wardrobe and can make any male outfit look put together and fashionable.

Along with his sweater and khakis, this Fashionisto is wearing a pair of black loafers. These shoes are both comfortable and easy to wear while simultaneously pulling off a dressier look. I am always dressing for comfort and finding a shoe that looks fashionable but is also comfortable is always an added bonus! Every Fashionista/o knows that shoes can complete an outfit. In this case, the shoes tie the entire outfit together giving it an overall preppy and polished appearance.

One Simple Change: This look can be modified for spring or summer by removing the sweater and rolling up the sleeves of the button-down. This effortless change will give off a laid back vibe while still being comfortable and put together.