A good friend of mine once said, “You should always dress where you want to be and not where you are.” Just because we are in college doesn’t always mean everything needs to be a quick ‘get up and go’ scenario. I mean, believe me, there are days where it’s just so easy to put on some sweats and be out the door for class, but hear me out. College is a great experience and opportunity to explore new areas of fashion and trying on styles that you never imagined yourself wearing. Nothing inspires me more than seeing other students on campus just having fun with their clothes, no matter the situation. Trust me, when you dress good 99 percent of the time, you end up feeling good. Coming out of class and seeing this Fashionista’s unique look definitely made me feel good and proud to be a part of this internship!

Inspired by the likes of both TLC and Aaliyah, who dominated (and are still impacting, might I ad) the music industry, this Fashionista’s outfit takes inspiration from the late ‘90s R&B era of crop tops and baggy pants. Rocking burgundy-colored joggers and black combat boots for her base gives the outfit a masculine approach, while the cropped sweatshirt and oversized scarf creates an edgy look that still embraces an art of femininity. Say goodbye to binary views on what a women can and can’t wear, because this Fashionista is showing us right here and now that she can’t be restricted to any way of dress!

The black and green plaid jacket and camo print cap adds just the right bit of swagger and structure to blend everything together cohesively. The incorporation of off-set colors really makes this look stand out as well. I absolutely love seeing people take risks when it comes to wearing tones and hues that don’t necessarily collaborate with the given season. Rocking fall colors within the midst of winter definitely takes confidence to pull off and this Fashionista was capable of doing just that, and then some. Additionally, the minimalistic approach to this look sets it apart from the rest. Excessive jewelry would’ve probably just drowned out everything and took away from the overall style, but this Fashionista’s decision to keep things more simple worked all in her favor and I couldn’t be more happy.

As I said before, going to class shouldn’t always be a drag. Have fun with your clothes and show off your style, not just for others, but for yourself. The campus is your runway and you’re the star of the show. Keep this philosophy in mind and you’ll always feel good, no matter what you’re wearing!

One Simple Change: Transitioning from a day of classes to a night on the town? Switch up the combat boots in exchange for a pair of heels and you’re all set!