Classes may be looked forward to or dreaded, and, sadly, the latter is frequently the case. But there is one thing that can be the source of much joy on the dreariest of days—a solid outfit.

This Fashionista provides us with an exemplary look for school. She creates a multi-layer look. Her winter-proof cocoon is a black jacket under which she has on a leather moto jacket and a simple gray shirt. To add some embellishment to the outfit, she went with a moon-shaped pendant necklace, all framed by an oversized knit scarf.

She completes her look with a pair of Zubaz-inspired trousers cinched at the legs and adorned in a blue leopard print on black. This look is perfect for a day of classes. Whether you are sprinting to class or simply sauntering through campus, this lightweight pant won’t slow you down. The vibrant print really creates a beautiful contrast between the top and bottom sections of the overall look.

It may be frigid out with the sidewalks riddled with ice and blocks of fragmented snow, but this student reminds us that sensible is not tantamount to bulky, heavy-duty winter boots. Why should we limit ourselves to footwear evocative of extra grip winter tires? She takes her look a step further in the right direction and opts for a pair of black Chelsea boots that provide some lift in the heel.

One Simple Change: So, you can’t get enough of this look and want to repurpose it to fit another occasion? With a few alterations, this outfit could easily transform into an ideal look for spring. Simply leave the jacket behind and you are left with a look ideal for warmer days that are much more conducive to lightweight ensembles.