It’s only February, but the West Coast, and specifically here in California, has been lucky to get a couple days of sunny weather. However, when you have class at 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. what do you wear? The weather can be chilly at the start of the day, but then it warms up later in the day. Plus it can get a bit tricky knowing what outfit to pick because you want to be comfortable for your long day ahead and also be stylish at the same time.

This week’s Fashionista demonstrates a great outfit for a day full of classes and still be comfortable and stylish. The Fashionista wears a gray crop top and a green plaid button-down which she wears over the crop top. She also wears a pair of high-waisted leggings, which has a sheen finish to them, and on her feet is a pair of white Converse. The accessories are simple consisting of two delicate rings featuring gold and green.

The leggings allow for the Fashionista to move around campus in comfort, but they are also very unique and stand out from the crowd of ordinary leggings that you see most of the time. The crop top has been a strong trend and this Fashionista shows that you can wear them with high-waisted pants and a loose button-down for a comfort chic look that will take you through your full day of classes.

One Simple Change: If you are going out this weekend, say for lunch, for an even more relaxed vibe switch out the dark pair of legging for a pair of boyfriend jeans or your favorite pair of jeans for that matter. Jeans and Converse always make a great combo.