It can be hard to look put-together when you are trudging through a few inches of thick snow. What you choose to wear, braving the cold on your way to class, has to be functional. Functionality and practicality don’t have to overcome your personal style. These important characteristics of a winter ensemble can be pulled together through a variety of fashionable layers.

This Fashionista wears a versatile look that’s perfectly casual and warm for her walk to class. Her dark gray, hard shell overcoat fights the wind and her cable knit infinity scarf keeps the cold air off of her neck. Her wool socks peek out of her scuffed leather boots giving it a rougher, grungy look.

Every component of her outfit falls into a darker color scheme that is popular this time of year, with the gray, cloudy sky as her backdrop. Her scuffed boots are shorter and informal, making them more appropriate for the classroom and the weather conditions. The wool and knit patterns become the accessorizing factors in this outfit giving it cozy details.

These layers are removable, as heating in the classroom could make studying in all those layers a little uncomfortable. This is a look that is easily achievable by any student ready to hit the books, not the frostbite.

One Simple Change: Before class, you decide to squeeze in a quick workout. Switch out the scuffed leather boots for your favorite running shoes and this look is easily adaptable for your trip to the gym.