At this point in the semester, we’ve already met most of our classmates and professors, so when deciding what to wear in the morning, naturally we can get a bit lazy. To break this habit, just remember looking nice for class does not have to be a difficult process. So, what’s a Fashionista to do? Try mixing and matching casual and professional pieces to get the look you want!

This Fashionista has the perfect casual yet professional look for the classroom. Her rich, blue button-down blouse adds a sense of professionalism to the outfit in addition to adding contrasting tonal values with the charcoal gray leather jacket. The subtle stitching details on the jacket add both elegance and playfulness to her overall ensemble. By sporting an infinity scarf, this Fashionista can both stay warm and add tonal and textual depth to her look.

Her nude, below-the-knee boots help to both elongate her legs and draw attention downward ultimately pulling the outfit together from head to toe. This Fashionista does a great job of mixing and matching her neutral tones! The neutral tones of her scarf, jacket and boots perfectly contrast her black skinny jeans. The dark tone of her pants make her legs appear even longer and leaner.

One Simple Change: If you have a job interview after class, you could swap out the black skinny jeans for a dark pencil skirt, makeing the outfit a bit more professional yet still edgy and unique.