For some godforsaken reason, many guys forget that looking good goes a long way. We can all spot those cute guys who look like hot-messes wandering around in sweatpants and their favorite college sweatshirt (which should probably be washed again…or just thrown out). For every one guy who is underwhelming dressed, there are four girls eager to give him style advice. All the guys tuning into this segment, pay attention to the effortlessness it truly takes to put an outfit together and how far it can take you.

I spotted this Fashionisto walking to class in the terrible negative degrees. Surrounded by tons of guys who could honestly not do less. His confident demeanor and chill “I wear sunglasses when it’s gloomy and snowy out look” compelled me to take a closer look into what he was wearing.

He respectfully agreed to shed his parka for a moment to reveal the look we all knew he was rocking underneath. His thick green corduroy pants, kept him warm from the gusting winds and additionally acted as a staple piece in his outfit. The Polo Ralph Lauren rugby nicely added to the preppy theme and acted as a more put together opinion than a sweatshirt. His shoes are a unique take on the basic Timberland boots. The winter wear exterior and distressed leather nicely complemented his outfit tying in the darker shades and modern leathers. His watch and classic Ray-Ban’s are necessary accessories when trying to get to class in time.

As a whole, this Fashionisto’s look consists of a basic dark wash pant, warm sweatshirt substitution and good winter boots.

One Simple Change: This look could be modified for a dressier occasion like a date by adding a quarter zip sweatshirt on top of the polo. This addition formalizes the look taking you from the classroom to a hot dinner date.