In a deep sleep, your alarm clock suddenly screams in you ear. The winter light seeps through the gray blinds and a sting of cold air lingers in the room. Wrapped in your rose pink comforter, your dreams quickly disappear. Reality takes over and your face expresses nothing but stress and exhaustion. Reluctantly, you shove your covers to one side and suddenly realize that class starts in 30 minutes. In a frazzled and distressed mood, you throw on a school sweatshirt with a messy hair bun. Many students sleep until the last minute and unfortunately, they forget about their physical appearance. They leave their stylish clothes in the closet and pull a basic long sleeve shirt off the hanger. Photographed above, this Fashionista models the kind of outfit ideal for a long day of classes. She separates her style from other students and she accomplishes this without hours of planning!

Dressing well not only makes you look professional, but it can also improve your performance in class. If students wear nicer ensembles, they appear more attentive and confident, which leads to better success. This Fashionista individualizes her look and she chooses simple pieces, which are easy to slip on. She wears a steel-gray cotton dress with a muted toned jacket. She pairs her outfit with leather boots and makes her knee-high socks a major statement. For accessories, she wraps a bulky plaid scarf around her neck and finishes the look with sleek, oversized sunglasses. She makes her outfit look sleek and high fashion, and anyone can achieve a similar look when they have an 8:00 a.m. class.

Whenever the weather is tolerable, I lean towards dresses. Simple dresses are always comfortable and they require little effort when getting ready. Luckily, Fashionistas can accessorize their dresses in a variety of ways. She can wear a statement necklace, an oversized scarf, a headband or an edgy belt. In this case, the Fashionista pairs her dress with an oversized scarf, which gives her outfit color and volume. In the mornings, college students cannot think as clearly and they need chic and easily accessible outfits before class. Aside from the scarf and the pair of sunglasses, the Fashionista wears traditional pieces. The two accessories brighten the outfit, which shows how one simple accessory can change an entire look.

One Simple Change: The Fashionista can easily convert her outfit for other occasions as well. For a special date or a girl’s night out, she can take off her scarf and replace it with a jeweled necklace. As another option, she can wear a sleek pair of black leather booties, which will make the look sexy for a long night out.