Between all of the assignments and kick-off meetings, schedules are really starting to fill to the brim! Is anyone in need of a little extra ‘what to wear to class’ inspiration?  Let’s set the standards: comfort is imperative, genuine style is a must, add a flash of something that’s currently rising on the trend curve and last but not least this outfit must be versatile (no need for the Grammy-nominated wardrobe change today!).  And we are from Wisconsin so let’s be real, warmth should probably be at the top of our list… I digress. When an outfit accomplishes all of the above, it is sure to make a lasting impression in and out of the classroom.

This Fashionista is very busy going from class to work; she’s on her feet all day, hence why she desires comfort, style and versatility. She nails what to wear to class right on the head. Black denim is a classic, not to mention super comfortable and highly versatile! This piece, being thicker than other fabric, is also essential if you have lecture in extremely cold lecture halls (Grainger I’m looking at you). Button-down plaid is also really catching its second wind and making a comeback; it’s a great stand out, yet relaxed stylish piece.  And what’s an outfit without an extra dash of glam?! This Fashionista rocks a fabulous white faux fur jacket; perfect for looking together while the bitter winds viciously wick past. Bonus: This jacket is sure to catch the attention of the early adopters of fashion, as this piece is early rising on the trend curve. Now last but not least, let’s talk shoes.  These booties are perfect for just about anything, everything and everywhere! They are a classic casual, not too high, supportive and comfortable; ideal for running around campus fashionably.

One Simple Change: Love this look, but want to add a little something extra or up your professional look?  For an equally stunning look add a statement necklace or high-waist belt, along with a tailored blazer! The addition of a blazer will help to more closely define your silhouette!