Class days are all different. Some days are lighter than others.  You can give yourself a more versatile look on these lighter days. School can be a tricky occasion to dress for because of the time you have to spend there. Usually a school day means dressing quickly and comfortably. So if you want to dress yourself quickly, easily and comfortably, learn from this Fashionista.

This week’s Fashionista made a casual look for school. The main item for this look has to be the jeans. Jeans are always comfortable. This Fashionista added some small pearl earrings, which adds a feminine touch to this outfit. Don’t underestimate the power of some nice studs. This is an easy touch that will not take away from your sleep time. She also added a large purse that replaced her backpack. This is something you can do on the days you don’t have to bring many books. This makes the look appear as though she spent a little extra time in the morning. Finally, this week’s Fashionista wore a simple long sleeve shirt with a stripe pattern. Patterns add to a simple shirt. Sometimes less is better. A basic shirt is a great look for jeans, which also added to this outfit.

One Simple Change: Classes ended a little earlier than you expected, and you have time for some errands. Empty your books form your bag, and use it as a purse. You are ready for errands in a comfortable look.