Every morning as I lay in bed, I dread moving myself from under my warm covers. Every morning, I ask myself a question. Should I get up now and put some effort into my appearance? Or should I stay under my covers for a few more minutes, throw on some sweatpants, and call it a day? This Fashionista found a way to get the best of both worlds.

Her trendy jogger pants are both fashionable and comfortable, which is not always an easy-to-find combination. These pants are ideal for spending a few hours in a lecture hall. She’s staying warm with a thick, gray scarf and an oversized gray sweater to match. Thick scarves are perfect cold weather accessories that can spice up your outfit and keep you warm! Scarves are definitely a must-have accessory for this winter season.

Most of us will throw all of our summer clothes in the back of our closet during the winter months and forget about them until the warm weather rolls around again. However, this Fashionista did just the opposite. As you can see, she’s wearing a pineapple patterned top while there’s still snow on the ground!

This Fashionista’s shoes are an eye-catching aspect of her outfit. They add a small pop of color to her look with their tiger head embroidery. The shoes are unique and they compliment this Fashionista’s unique style. Flats are great for any occasion. You can still look dressed up without having to wear stilettos!

One Simple Change: Ready for a night out on the town? Switch out the sweater for a plain black blazer and replace the scarf with a statement necklace. These simple changes can take this outfit from the classroom to the club.