The overwrought social frenzy of a new college semester is finally winding down and slowly being overtaken with prolonged classes and painfully extensive dates with the university’s library. For many college students, laborious classes makes it problematic to flaunt the stylish dapper pieces in your wardrobe patiently waiting to have their run in the spotlight. After all, nestling into a big hoodie and a pair of sweats are the more tempting preferences when compared to feeling constricted in halter tops and short skirts. However, this true Fashionista decided to decline the distasteful beckoning of an impromptu outfit and seized a long day of classes as an opportunity to stride out in style.

Spotted on a dreary Monday morning, this Fashionista’s gorgeous pastel blue moto jacket instantly drew my attention. Since the Zara pastel blue faux leather jacket came out last spring, pale powder blue has raided the racks of stores everywhere. If black leather jackets are paradigmatic of edgy macabre style, colored leather jackets are the prime representation of a more eclectic collegiate vibe. As springtime readily approaches, there is a shift toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum. A minimalistic, ethereal mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals take center stage as designers such as Dries Van Noten and Burberry Prorsum fill the runways with a fusion of color. When it comes to style, reconstructions of retro delights, folkloric aesthetics and the magical colors of tropical landscapes restore a sense of contentment as we dive into warmer months. This smart sartorialist pairs her form-fitting aquamarine outerwear with a light ivory sweater, providing a nice contouring silhouette.The loose-fitting outlining of the pullover gives a more refreshing option against having the obligation to suck in your stomach during long classes. She pairs the soft ivory sweater with an identically colored hand-knit scarf, further asserting the claim that DIY projects can certainly be successful. The same color scheme can be seen again in her Nine West tote handbag. While the bag is large enough for holding class necessities, it doubles as a chic accessory and proves comparably cuter than an average backpack.

When dressing for college classes, remember to keep it effortless and minimalistic. Take advantage of spring colors and be inspired by taking a cue from nature rather than being mechanically employed. As exhibited by this Fashionista, when soft, cool hues are blended with subtle, warm tones, they create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of campus lifestyle.

One Simple Change: In warmer weather and dressier occasions, swap the pair of dark-wash jeans into a patterned light-hued skirt and the knit scarf for long layered necklaces. This will allow design into the ensemble while appropriately integrating into the spring season.