You know what I really don’t understand about classrooms? Why oh why are they always so darn cold? Well, that, and why there isn’t free coffee offered at the door of each one—but maybe that’s just me. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing worse than rushing to class, working up a sweat (you Florida gals know what I mean) and then waiting a few minutes until suddenly it feels like the Arctic. And of course you didn’t pack a jacket; it’s only 70 degrees outside, why should you? Whether you think the weather calls for it or not, layers are always, always, always a must for going to class—and this goes for both Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

Staying warm doesn’t have to mean throwing on the oldest, rattiest hoodie you can find (although, let’s be honest; sometimes that day comes, too). Comfort and warmth can go hand in hand with style. This Fashionisto wore a easy, stylish knit cardigan over a button-down to class. Looking for a slightly thinner cardigan? This would definitely do the trick. Sometimes one cozy, stylish piece is all you need to complete a look.

This Fashionisto threw on a simple pair of jeans and a great pair of Warby Parkers and automatically looked put together, casual and ultra comfortable. While being comfortable for class is always key, as you get older and you’re in your later years of undergraduate or maybe graduate school, start thinking ahead. When you’re on campus, you never know who you could meet or run into that will help you with a future career or internship. You don’t want to look sloppy. When picking out a great sweater to keep you warm in class, follow this Fashionisto’s look. Stay simple, stylish and cohesive (and warm, of course), and you’ll always make a good impression when heading to and from class.

One Simple Change: If you’re not into a plaid button-down, try a chambray option instead. Chambray is trendy, casual and never, never makes it look like you’re trying too hard with your look. All together, the look would be perfect for something like meeting the parents of your significant other.