Things can get a bit dreary in the cold, dark months of February. This can make it pretty hard to get up and go to class instead of staying bundled up under the blankets in your bed or on the couch with a hot cup of tea. When you’re having a day like this (most of mine lately), it’s hard to even think about putting in effort to what you are going to wear to class. Can I just bring all my blankets wrapped around me and stay in my sweatshirt and sweatpants? Unfortunately, I cannot.

As I was leaving my jewelry class for the day, I spotted this Fashionista leaving the art building as well. I then recognized her from my jewelry class so I felt I must approach her about this adorable outfit she was wearing. It was the perfect combination of one part adorable, one part boho and one part comfy. The calm tones of the outfit was balanced out with a colorful embroidery on her zip-up hoodie.

The hoodie had a layer of material at the bottom of it that added a ruffle which made a great layering effect on her drapey tunic underneath. The draping of these layers paired with a simple pair of black leggings were all I needed to be convinced that I loved this look.

This Fashionista, however, really nailed the outfit by completing it with an awesome pair of black suede lace-up boots. I was drawn to these boots specifically because they made me think of a hybrid of desert boots and combat boots with a zipper in the back of the boot. Both of these boots would also look great with this outfit. I promise this Fashionista’s look is something you won’t regret using.

One Simple Change: Switch the hoodie for a blazer for a transition from daytime to nighttime or casual to dressy.