February 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Staying comfortable, warm and elegant in this weather and with this schedule is hard. The weather outside is frigid, classrooms are stifling hot and running around makes the varied temperatures even more confusing. Added to that, pairing the right coat with the right cold weather accessories and boots simply makes getting ready in the morning more time consuming, leaving few precious minutes to snooze the alarm.

However, this Fashionista does layering right. Her outfit is cozy, simple and extremely easy to put together. She is wearing a tissue thin striped dress under a thick, almost ’60s style double-breasted swing coat. Her black ribbed tights, wool gloves and sturdy leather boots complete the outfit in style. To add a little bit of drama to the otherwise monochrome outfit, she is wearing a bright crimson beanie and a large graphic book bag. This way, she stays toasty outside, and can peel off the coat to stay cool inside.

She wears black extremely well, but coats are a great way to show personality while being the perfect layering piece. A metallic, leopard print coat like this one can be an absolute show stopper when worn with subtle accessories, while an oversized lavender coat like this can make the perfect Sunday brunch ensemble. To play up the whimsical, this clear coat allows for extreme layering; keeps you warm but allows the whole outfit to shine.

One Simple Change: If the first class is a lecture, and the second a presentation, adding a structured blazer on top of the dress takes a minute and looks thoroughly polished.