Sometimes the most difficult outfit to put together is the one we need for class. Let’s be honest, during the cold winter months it can be difficult to find a true fashion inspiration. We have to find that balance between looking good and being smart about what we wear. The most difficult part about this is that we all want to stay warm and comfortable which can take a lot of effort.

This Fashionisto decided to go for the minimalist look and showed us that it is possible to use simple pieces to create an exceptionally modish look. By simply putting on a pair of chinos and a gray sweatshirt he was able to start the base of his look. To continue the look, he added some dimension by throwing on a darker gray zip-up sweater. This layered look is sure to keep you comfortable as you sit through your favorite or even your least favorite class and also looks extra trendy.

In order to make a statement, this sweet Fashionisto added black sneakers as his distinctive element to the neutral color combination he had going on. The thing that I love most about this look is how he was able to balance gray on gray, and khaki and black. Not every Fashionisto can pull that off, but this one undoubtedly made it work! This minimalist look is absolutely perfect for class and still follows today’s fashion trends.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look from day to night? Simply swop the chinos with a pair of jeans and you’ll have the perfect look for a night out with friends!