Have you ever had those mornings when you are in-between staying in bed and subconsciously continuing to hit the snooze button on your alarm? That same reality is one that most college students endure every morning Monday through Friday. The challenge of rolling out of bed and deciding what outfit to wear is a task that at times supersedes us. As the time ticks away, that rush of panic elevates and the body goes into fight or flight mode. What to do? What to wear? The puzzling questions hit you all at once.

This is the dilemma this same Fashionista faced one morning on her way to class. As she examined her closet, she lunged at a simple black and white polka-dot mid-length dress. A piece that has always been a favorite go-to item of hers. She pairs the dress with an ivory faux fur jacket with silvergold and turquoise accessories.

Motivated by her funky style, this Fashionista was spotted cheerfully running off to class with the wind blowing through her blond streaked hair. Her sense of style and appreciation for loud colors and patterns is what makes her outfit stand out. Not afraid to dip and dabble in different shapes and structures, she excels at this look.

Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps by searching through your closet and picking out your funkiest and wild pieces. Mix and match and see what you can develop into a workable outfit. Taking the liberties in planning out an outfit the night before is what adds to a Fashionista/o’s successful look.

One Simple Change: Remove the jacket and the look changes into an outfit workable for the summer.