We as students at the University of Illinois have it rough. Our winters are brutal and the weather seems to change as much as Katy Perry during the Super Bowl. So how do we keep it stylish on our way to class when it’s so much easier to throw on a coat and sweatpants? Look no further than this Fashionista who is truly a class act!

This Fashionista kept it stylish yet comfortable and warm yet wearable. Her overall cool-toned look is perfect for the colder months but she knows how to add just the right amount of flair to make the outfit stand out. She layered her button-down and knit sweater together under her gray wool jacket. A long wool coat is a fantastic way to stay warm but fashionable during the colder months because the length and thickness are similar to the warmth a winter coat provides. Her distressed dark gray jeans were the ideal complement to the lighter gray jacket and gave the outfit an edgy dimension. This Fashionista used her prints wisely with leopard print loafers and balanced the warm tones of the print with a brown tote. Her use of a tote is a great alternative to a backpack and is a chic way to haul around your school supplies and books!

Her final touch was a silver Aztec choker. It was the perfect ‘hidden gem’ under her layering and the silver was a nice addition to the cooler tones in her clothing. Chokers are all the rage in fashion right now and are ideal for sweaters that come higher up because they hug the neck nicely to give added accessorizing without overpowering the sweater.

Going to class in the cold doesn’t have to be dreadful and this Fashionista has shown us how to mix casual and chic for a perfect class to class outfit. Mix, match and layer your winter look and you’ll be sure to ace not only your classes, but your style too!

One Simple Change: Need an outfit that works for Day to Night after a long day of classes and assignments? Exchange your sweater and button-down for a silky top and cross body bag to turn your class look into a classy evening look!