Good morning, sunshine. It’s approximately 8 AM and “Drunk in Love” or “Countdown” or some other Beyoncé wonder is buzzing from your alarm. At this point, you have about half an hour until econ starts, but thoughts of “Mac” blueberry muffins, chocolate croissants and caffeine dance in your head. The first thing you want to do is gorge yourself in bakery delight and turn on Scandal or Greys’ Anatomy, and the last thing you would want to imagine is putting on a pair of jeans that are far too tight and an itchy sweater. Let’s compromise, shall we?

This week’s Fashionista clearly knows what’s up: she sports a California-cool, comfy pullover with rope detailing and pairs it with an easy pair of black leggings. To finish things off, she struts in a fun pair of suede maroon and brown color block booties and lines them with adorably delicate lace socks that pick up the beige rope detail in her top. Small accessories including a charm necklace and rose earrings add a simply beautiful touch to a rather casual look. Running around campus decked in this ensemble, our Fashionista is just put together and trendy enough, and yet she nearly sneaks off with the secret of how completely and utterly warm and comfortable she is.

One Simple Change: Have something as formal as a job interview later in the day? Just swap out the pullover for a simple tank top and throw on an easy cardigan—you’ll be dressed to impress in no time.