Every Fashionista wants to look stylish when going to class, that’s just a given. However, we also want to be practical with what we wear, depending on the temperature outside and how long of a day we have ahead of us. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in what you’re wearing when sitting in multiple lectures a day. When it comes to college fashion, you want to look great but also feel great. Ultimately, we are here to learn and do not want to be distracted by a constricting dress or by being too cold. But at the same time, sweatpants and UGGs just won’t do.

This week’s Fashionista has found the perfect balance between practicality and style with a maroon sweater dress. Not only is a sweater dress flattering, but it is perfect for going to class this time of year because it is both comfortable and warm. To keep her legs from getting cold, this Fashionista wears a pair of gray tights. These tights are great because they are a neutral color, keeping this look laid back, but they still stand out against the black pieces in her outfit.

On top of her sweater dress, this Fashionista wears a black peacoat, a classic piece for the wintertime that is incredibly versatile and warm. She accessorizes with a gold necklace and a patterned beanie, which add interest to the look without being over the top. And lastly, she is finishing her look off with a white leather backpack and a pair of black heeled booties.

With a sweater dress, comfortable shoes and simple yet stylish accessories, this Fashionista has found the happy medium between practicality and style. Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps, and you can be comfortable and cute throughout the entire semester.

One Simple Change: Going out on the town after class today? Just take off the coat and beanie, and add a glittery statement necklace. You’re all set for a night out!