Here in Flagstaff, Arizona the weather can’t exactly make up its mind. One day it’ll be freezing cold and on the verge of snow, and then the next day it’ll be 65 degrees and sunny! With all this weather confusion sometimes it can be difficult to dress for class. The best advice for dressing during this unpredictable time is to layer.

Layering doesn’t have to mean a sweatshirt or jacket. You can do it in a more unconventional way like this Fashionista. Rather than bringing her outfit down with a large coat, she layered with a jean vest. It added a new element to her ensemble and created a fun juxtaposition. Layering doesn’t just have to be a vest. You can layer your outfit with a kimono or a chambray shirt. These two options add another element to an outfit and build it up rather than weigh it down.

This Fashionista also wore a fun pair of maroon leggings with a white detailed top. She finished off her outfit with a pair of riding boots and simple jewelry. This look is casual and comfortable enough for class, but is still stylish enough that you’ll still be impressing your classmates. If it starts getting warmer, this outfit is still super adorable without the vest.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be changed into the perfect girl’s night ensemble with just a few adjustments. Change out of the jean vest and throw on a leather biker jacket. Switch your riding boots out for a pair of booties, and you’re set for a fun night out!