Being on a huge campus with classes spread all throughout various buildings, a workout is guaranteed every single day. Having to walk from one side of campus to another, comfortable shoes are essential. The great thing about training shoes now is that they are becoming trendy. Various brands are making their shoes more stylish where people could wear them with everyday outfits and looking amazing stunting them.

This Fashionista does just that. She may have Nike running shoes on, but that does not mean she has to dress like she is going to the gym. As a Fashionista, she is in charge and decides to play them up instead. Her outfit is super simple but incorporates major trends of this season.

If you have not noticed, chunky sweater are being worn left and right this winter. Is it our fault that they are warm and comfy? What is great about this sweater is the neckline; it has a cowl neckline. For those who are not too fond of wearing turtlenecks, this is perfect for you. The sweater goes up around your neck but drops at the front so it does not feel uncomfortable. And to finish her outfit, she sports an oversized forest green jacket.

Grab some inspiration from this Fashionista and start wearing your running shoes with your day-to-day outfits. They will keep you from having aching feet, and you will always have the energy to be on the go!

One Simple Change: Being that her outfit is simple, any minor changes can be made for any occasion. Want a date night outfit? Swap the running shoes for some ankle boots.