For the past few weeks, Penn State has been getting snow pretty much every weekend. Not only does the weather get tiring, but so do the repetitive outfits. I’ve been wearing my Sorel boots every day and I’m starting to get sick of bundling up every time I need to leave my apartment. The weather has surprisingly been slightly warmer than usual, so take advantage of it like this Fashionista and dress a little lighter.

This look is a great outfit for fall because of the plaid and brown suede boots, but what makes it even better for winter is the sweater she put over her plaid shirt. This winter look could be typical and plain if it weren’t for the pops of plaid in the collar and the sleeves. This preppy look could work for so many different occasions, from class to meeting with a professor during office hours.

Her jeans make this look practical for class and walking around campus. Even though sitting through classes all day in jeans seems like a death wish to most college girls, it’s really not as bad as it seems. I’m always more productive when I dress nice for class, so although jeans seem restrictive, they might actually do the opposite. It’s definitely a good idea to try dressing up more than you usually would and you might be surprised by how much you get done during the day.

One Simple Change: The weather is definitely not going to stay 40 degrees for the rest of February, so when it’s the usual 30 degrees, it might be a better option to wear tall boots for the cold weather. Even though lugging Sorel boots on your mile-long walk to class sounds tiring, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a pair and they look cute with pretty much any outfit.