Unfortunately, winter break is coming to a close, however some are starting to take classes abroad. Packing for a study abroad trip, whether it is for a few weeks or a whole semester, can be tricky, especially when you can only bring one suitcase! Over packing can result in fees and sore arms from lugging your suitcase around a foreign country, so it is crucial to pack appropriately for class and other fun activities.

This Fashionista is studying abroad in Hong Kong this winter, where the weather is much warmer than most countries, with the University of Delaware fashion department. Here she pairs her printed blouse with medium wash jeans and nude flats. The delicate blouse is covered with tiny stars, making it a subtle statement piece. The shape of the blouse, along with the comfort aspect of the denim, creates a comfortable, but fashion forward ensemble. It is inevitable that much walking will be done on any study abroad, especially in Hong Kong where there are plenty of hills and streets to explore; therefore the flats are key to making this outfit suitable for exploring tourist attractions and attending class. The nude color of the flats creates an understated contrast to the rest of the navy outfit. She also sports a neutral colored Longchamp tote, perfect for carrying all the essentials while traveling.

One Simple Change: Study abroad is not all play! Opportunities to interview for internships or jobs often arise while abroad so it is always good to be prepared if an opportunity comes about! By swapping the jeans for a pleated skirt or dress pants, the outfit becomes more professional, yet still fun and fashionable! Packing items of clothing that are versatile is key!