Getting up for early classes can be hard enough; putting together a respectable outfit while you’re half asleep is a whole other challenge. For those days that you wake up and just stare at your closet; how does one stay comfortable without looking and feeling like you just rolled out of bed?

This Fashionista is wearing a perfect outfit for those chilly days of going to class in the winter. Comfort is always a top priority of mine when heading to class. As if paying attention to the full lectures isn’t hard enough, it wouldn’t help having uncomfortable clothes constraining you on top of that. Black leggings are such an easy way to stay comfortable during those long class days. Here this Fashionista paired them with a layered chunky sweater look. Sweaters are always a great way to stay a little warmer while looking fashionable. This Fashionista layered her sweater with a chunky knit vest with fur trimming. You can’t help but feel cozy when you catch a glance of this Fashionista.

She could have taken the easy route and just thrown on a pair of UGGs and called it a day but these combat boots change the entire mood of the outfit. The black boots on black leggings make an elongated and slimming silhouette that you wouldn’t get wearing a pair of UGGs. Although this outfit was kept pretty simple and cozy, this Fashionista incorporated a really cute vintage looking necklace to add that little extra. The turquoise colored stone catches your eye on her neutral outfit.

One Simple Change: A great alternative of this outfit for the daring would be to swap the sweater vest with a faux fur vest. This bold look is the perfect way to stay comfy, warm and stylish.