When I caught this Fashionista on the way to class, I was immediately intrigued by the black and white print on her pants. While the print was the focal point of her outfit, it did not take attention away from her cohesive ensemble. Although incorporating prints into an outfit is not always “black and white,” it is important to note that sometimes, the most simplistic prints make the best statements.

To me, her outfit says that she is confident, she is organized and she is excited for what the rest of the day holds. Her adorable peacoat is perfect for bundling up. It is also the perfect length for her blouse and pants. Although a hoodie can be great for curling up in the library for a binge study session, a peacoat like the one that this Fashionista is wearing can give an outfit the perfect amount of structure. In addition to the coat, her outfit contained a few preppy details that gave it a sweet personality. The lace Peter Pan collar on her blouse drew the attention up to her face in a subtle way while her pointed-toe flats looked super chic with her cropped pants.

This outfit is perfect for class because it is stylish, practical and effortless. While you don’t have to look like you are ready for a strut on the town, it is always nice to wear an outfit that makes you feel confident, unique and beautiful. This Fashionista sure knows how to dress for success!

One Simple Change: You can take this outfit from day to night by exchanging the pointed-toe flats for a cool leather bootie and the peacoat for a collarless leather jacket. Add sparkle as desired!