Any college student can agree that a full day of classes, homework and more classes can be exhausting, even WITH that extra coffee break! I was having a pretty lackadaisical morning myself until I spotted this trendy Fashionista on my way out of class. Though classes and schoolwork can be boring, dressing your best is sure to perk up not only your mood but other people’s moods around you!

This Fashionista is living proof that weekdays on campus don’t have to be so drab. Bracing the chilly winter weather, the Fashionista layers up in several flannels and a cozy wool cardigan. Underneath, this trendsetter sports a black crop top. For pants she keeps it classic in a pair of high-waisted denim jeans. She cuffs the bottom of her jeans to show off a pair of rocking combats around campus. For accessories, the Fashionista chooses to tie her look together with a unique crystal pendant necklace and a thin gold belt. Remembering the importance of a nice shade of lipstick, she opts for a plum color to accent the maroon and red shades in her flannels. By mixing together various trendy pieces such as flannels, high-waisted jeans and a crop top all in one ensemble, the Fashionista accomplishes a very unique and memorable look that will surely turn her classmates’ heads.

One Simple Change: Like this look enough to take it off campus for a girl’s night out? Simply swap the school backpack for a cross-body bag to stash your phone, lipgloss and cash!