Every Fashionista knows there are several factors that come into play when deciding what to wear to class. Here at Syracuse University, the weather certainly plays a role especially during the bitter winter month of January.

While walking through Manley Fieldhouse on the south side of campus, I spotted this Fashionista. Being a junior, she is no stranger to the ice cold winters Syracuse is known for. From her skater beanie, to her basic black leg warmers and classic Dr. Martens, we are able to see just how this Fashionista channels her style even in the coldest days of winter.

Need a break from your UGGs or L.L.Bean boots, Syracuse? Dr. Martens are a timeless shoe and will forever be cool. Made for all types of weather, these classic boots will protect your feet in the coldest of temperatures and snow. This Fashionista’s Dr. Martens are practical for class while also complementing her inner edgy style. Along with being timeless, Dr. Martens are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything. Pairing leg warmers with her Dr. Martens, she shows just how versatile they can be, giving them a more cozy winter touch. These boots are perfect for class along with keeping your feet warm and comfortable during your cold winter commute.

This Fashionista pairs a black beanie with her Dr. Martens and leg warmers to help complete along with complement her edgy winter class style. Her beanie not only helps to channel an edgy going-to-class style but also helps to keep her warm on this frigid winter day. Adding a beanie to any outfit this winter can help to put a point in the edgy column. The Hill’s bitter winds can certainly do some damage to your hair, throwing on a beanie while walking to class will provide some damage control!

This Fashionista’s look is not only cute for class but also winter appropriate. When going to class this winter be sure to keep in mind this Fashionista’s look. Whether you choose to throw on a beanie, dig out your Dr. Martens or throw on some leg warmers, you can be confident knowing that your look winter proof!

One Simple Change: Going to meet your girls for dinner from class? Throw on your favorite oversized coat to complete your look. Adding an oversized coat not only will ensure you stay warm while walking down to Marshall street but also add a trendy feminine touch to your outfit.