Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! No matter how hard you want to hit the snooze button in the morning, hit the off button instead. You don’t want to risk being late for your first morning class, the hardest one of the day. Winter mornings can be hard to get ready for, but they don’t have to be. All you have to remember is that winter is the time for layers—soft, thick and comfortable layers. The best way to wear those layers is when you are headed to class.

This cute Fashionista does layering just right. She is wearing a pair of burgundy, corduroy pants tucked into grey ankle booties. Her feminine, collarless coat hugs tightly at the waist and flows down to her knees to keep her warm. Her zip-up coat is different from the conventional button up, a trend that I keep seeing around campus. To go with this coat, she layered a patterned scarf around her neck. This Fashionista gives us a glimpse of her vintage personality through her black, cat eye glasses. Glasses are fantastic for lazy days, and there are so many different types of glasses that can cater to your look. This look is all style yet comfort, and it’s a great outfit when you are headed to a casual day of classes.

One Simple Change: Switch out the scarf and sweater for a loose blouse, and ditch the booties for a pair of high heels. Ta da! You’re ready for a future class presentation or a job interview.