In college, looking your best for class can be something that is hard to keep up with. This is because it takes a lot of effort and stress to find the perfect outfit. College can get very stressful fast, but feeling good about yourself is the perfect key to your happiness. If you feel happy about the way you dress, it makes college not such a stressful place to be. Feeling good about yourself, for any campus Fashionista, always starts with the perfect outfit.

This Fashionista rocks the casual and stylish look. This is the look for a long day of classes while being comfortable and trendy. Because of the colder days on campus, this Fashionista has on a pair of brown, leather boots. She also has on a plain white T-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. A plain white T-shirt is perfect for any outfit because anything can be paired with it. To complete this look, this Fashionista puts on a navy blue, floral kimono. Kimonos are the perfect way to make an outfit standout. You can turn a white T-shirt and jeans into something stylish yet still casual.

To dress up this outfit, she layers with some different gold necklaces. The different lengths of the necklaces are perfect when you want to have a layered look. This is easy enough to throw on before class to make your outfit standout from the rest. This Fashionista also layers with different types of bracelets. Bangles are also easy to throw on and match almost anything you put together.

One Simple Change: To change this outfit up but still be comfortable, you can put on a pair of nude ballet flats. The flats will make the outfit a little more dressy but still casual and stylish.