Running late to class? Don’t feel like getting ready? Don’t feel like getting up from the warmth of your twin XL bed? You want to look good, but you do not feel like putting in the effort and time to put together an outfit. Luckily, there are many go-to options for Fashionistas/os to pick from when they are feeling a little lazy. You do not have to compromise your stylish reputation for comfort and convenience.

It happens to all college students. There are always those days where you just want to bum it to class. Instead of picking this extreme, why don’t you meet in the middle? Check out this Fashionisto’s outfit! He mixed the best of both worlds: comfort and style. Rocking a red checkered plaid button-down, he gives his outfit a pop of color and an interesting pattern. He even makes his look more clean by buttoning up his shirt all the way. He pairs his shirt with simple dark blue jeans cuffed at the bottom. Minuscule details, like the cuffs at the bottom, can make your effortless outfit look more put together. A nice pair of brown lace-up boots keeps the outfit classy. To finish it off, a big olive parka complements the colors from his shirt and his boots keep him toasty during a cold winter day.

As you can see, looking good and feeling good comes in a package. Easy and simple outfits do not necessarily mean they are not stylish. Sometimes, the most stylish outfits are the ones that are effortless.

One Simple Change: Pass by an old crush on campus and now you have a date tonight? No worries, just slip on a gray sweater on top of your button-down and put on a nice peacoat. You are all ready to amaze your date!