Ah, the classroom. There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a lecture hall for two hours as a professor whose name you can’t spell drones on and on about a topic you will most likely forget at the first sign of summer.

Okay, I lied. There are a million things that are better than sitting in class, but just because your class is boring doesn’t mean your outfit has to follow suit. If it is one thing we Fashionistas/os know, it’s how to dress for any occasion.

Take this Fashionista for example. She looks comfortable and chic as she heads to class. She’s sporting a simple white V-neck T-shirt with some edgy black liquid leggings. A pair of faux suede booties and a cross body purse add a feminine touch to this simple ensemble. What really sets this Fashionista apart, however, is her gorgeous wool coat. Not only is the wool protecting her from the winter chill (or that one class that always runs the A/C), but the added color makes her stand out in this dreary time of the year…well, dreary by California standards.

This look is perfect for the classroom, and it will definitely get you noticed by your professors. They won’t be able to resist giving you an A+ in fashion!

One Simple Change: The next time you are going to spend a night out with the girls try this outfit with a circle skirt instead of leggings to spice this look up while showing off your fantastic legs. You might be out with the girls but it never hurts to be flirt-ready!