As every college student is well aware, waking up for class is one of the most challenging processes throughout the day. When you get dressed, you want to feel comfortable, yet still look presentable for your peers and professors. As enticing as a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants sound, you want your ensemble to be both fashionable and flexible when transitioning into different phases of the day.

This Fashionista sports a hunter green trench coat over a basic white T-shirt and a pair of black leggings. Her matching beanie and gloves bring a chic twist to her army-inspired jacket. This Fashionista’s outfit is simple enough to be comfortable in a classroom setting, but edgy with the proper accessories. Keeping to cooler colors doesn’t just complement the winter palette perfectly—they are also better to wear to class. Wearing vibrant colors can cause you to lose focus throughout the day. To completely debunk the myth that bold is best, neutral colors allow you to focus on accessories that might otherwise get overlooked.

Her quilted riding boots also add a sense of sophistication to the class-ready look. This classic boot is known for its height and sturdiness, making it the perfect shoe to wear when walking to class in the harsh winter. Tall boots also lengthen the look of your legs. Who wouldn’t want that? Follow this Fashionista’s look and achieve the “fashionable, but not trying” look you’ve always wanted for class.

One Simple Change: Going from day to night after a late lecture? Trade the sunglasses and beanie for a beaded choker to amp up the edge in your outfit.