January weather on the central coast of California is the epitome of mild, so finding the right balance between dressing for cold mornings and warm afternoons can often be a challenging experience. To top it off, going to class daily can become monotonous and it can be very easy to get lazy with your style. However, there are many ways to be comfortable without resorting to the stereotypical gym clothes attire.

This Fashionisto has combated both of those problems by finding a harmonious equilibrium in the “not hot, but not cold” weather, as well as dressing for comfort without losing his personal sense of style.

This classic look plays on mixing neutrals with black. The textured sweater that’s a mix between mustard and olive green puts me right in the mood to watch a Wes Anderson film. Although a basic staple to any Fashionisto’s wardrobe, the simplicity and subtly of the checkered design is reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers add to his look by not only adding to the classic look of his outfit, but also by matching his black denim. And as any Fashionista/o can attest, this style of sunglasses can look good on just about everyone.

The look is finished off with Aztec print velcro sandals, and a vintage leather messenger bag (a multi-generational hand-me-down). The sandals are perfect for trekking around campus, and were an unexpected, but welcome choice on the Fashionisto’s behalf. The leather messenger bag is a hip twist on the every day backpack, and completes the look by emphasizing its classic elements.

One Simple Change: Need to go from class to a first date? Switch your sandals for a pair of leather oxfords and cuff your jeans to impress any Fashionista.