Going to school in an urban city makes every day feel like a fashion show. Living in New York City, in particular, opens one’s eyes to a whole new world of fashion that few would even know exists. Inspiration is everywhere! With the city as your campus, it’s hard to not want to dress the part each day. This Fashionista was able to put together a sporty, yet minimalistic outfit, which is perfect for a day of classes in the city.

Her button-down shirt draws attention right away, despite being layered under a cropped teal sweater. Not only is the grid print pleasing to the eyes, but it also gives a sneak peek into predicted trends for the fall 2015 season. By layering the sweater over the button-down, she managed to make the outfit more casual, and the teal of her sweater presents a pop of color that combines well with her minimalist aesthetic.

With the weather on the colder side lately, a layer of outerwear is a must. This Fashionista decided to pass on wearing her coat for the day, and instead threw on a light wash denim jacket. The oversized silhouette not only makes layering a breeze, but also creates a softer feel for the outfit.

Despite my usual pet peeve of seeing people wearing leggings as pants, her leather leggings are made just for that! Leather is one of my favorite trends to see during fall and winter. As leggings, leather will not only will keep your legs warm, but will also make them look sleek while doing so. It’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with leather leggings.

Let’s talk accessories! This Fashionista went for a pair of black and white sneakers, which not only adds a sporty feel, but also because comfort is key when having a busy day of classes in the city. She finished off the outfit with a single silver ring and two silver chain necklaces, continuing with the minimalistic approach.

One Simple Change: If you want to grab dinner with friends after a day of classes, carry a pair of black leather oxfords in your bag and throw them on once you’ve left school. The oxfords will dress up the outfit, and you’ll be ready for a night out!