So, you are back for the new semester and brought back all of your cable knit sweaters and puffy coats to combat the harsh winter winds. However, Texas weather has a funny way of being unpredictable and it has been on the pleasantly warm side these first few weeks of the semester. How is one to dress when it is 40 in the morning and warms up to 70 by noon without having to lug around your coat and scarf all day?

This Fashionista has the perfect look that’s warm in the morning for walking to a 9:00 class and cool for an outdoor lunch between classes. Her jeans and three quarter length shirt are simple and great pieces for everyday wear. They are great for both keeping warm and the material of her top is nice and breathable to keep her from getting too hot.

To top off the look, this Fashionista’s stylish boots, bracelet and scarf give an exotic traveler feel to the ensemble. Her leather boots are comfortable and great for walking around a big campus like Texas A&M, with a leather wrap bracelet to match. Lastly, her striped scarf not only adds a pop of color to the look, but also goes great with her fiery curls.

This look is not only easy and classic, but it will help you get through the ever-changing weather.

One Simple Change: Plan on heading to the library after class and want to wear something a little more comfortable than jeans? Swap the denim for a pair of stylish jogger pants.