At Georgia Southern University, camouflage, or “camo,” is part of an everyday vocabulary. Camo tanks, camo jackets, camo cars—in South Georgia, we’ve seen it all. However, a new type of camo has recently emerged for us Fashionista/os to wear that doesn’t make us look like we just killed a few deer. I call it trendy camo. This military-inspired pattern can be worn with thousands of different looks.

Trendy camo can add edge to any outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a plain white shirt and jeans, adding a camo military jacket instantly transforms the outfit into a stylish and trendy look. Another thing that trendy camo can do is make an edgy outfit even edgier, such as wearing a camo button-down with a leather jacket. However, my personal favorite is combining camo with something very elegant and simple, such as a lace dress or a fur vest. Mixing the rugged and wild pattern of camouflage with a soft and delicate garment gives an outfit a dynamic and appealing look.

This Fashionista decided to wear her trendy camo with a boho vibe. Her fluid white tunic and long necklace paired with the opened camo button-down and lace-up boots give off a perfect combination of grunge and boho style. This outfit is perfect to wear to class, out for lunch, a day of travel or even out at night. I love this look because it mixes two totally different styles into one complete outfit.

One Simple Change: Since this look is so cute already, it’s easy to take this outfit from class and transform it into a day to night look. Trading the boots for some wedges or even heeled booties would make this outfit perfect for a night out. And, if you’re experiencing the “snowpocalypse,” adding a leather or fur jacket to this look would be a great idea.