Figuring out what to wear to class can be a huge drag, especially when it’s 6:30 a.m. All you crave from your closet is all-black clothing you can bundle up in before heading out for a full day of classes. At least, that’s what this Fashionista confesses to me to when I approach her. And let’s be real, I’m pretty sure we can all relate. Nevertheless, she seems to have it down with an ensemble that’s both the perfect answer to the chilly climate and perfect for keeping it classy for a day of back-to-back classes.

Taking advantage of one of the warmer days we’ve been having as of late, she opted for a skirt this morning instead of her usual pair of pants. By switching out pants in favor an embroidered skirt, she adds a touch of femininity to the otherwise ultra structured ensemble. Paired with the chambray button-down and an olive green utility jacket, it gives the look just enough casual cool to break up the typical chambray and utility jacket uniform that we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing around campus. To keep the look stylish, practical for classes and warm, this Fashionista finishes it off with a pair of black tights and combat boots.

If you’re looking to change up your typical weekday uniform, channel this Fashionista. Opt for a touch of femininity to break up the rest of your outfit, and add an unexpected element to your ensemble.

One Simple Change: Headed off to an Interview after a long day of classes? No problem. Ditch the jacket for a blazer, switch out the frilly embroidered skirt for a pencil skirt and tuck in the chambray button-down. You’ll be more than ready to dazzle your employers.