If you are on campus for a large amount of time, like myself, then you might agree that comfortability is a major key to any daily outfit. Being on campus calls for an outfit that can get us through the day freely and comfortably. The Fashionista I spotted this week showcased her effortlessly trendy outfit by wearing simple, roomy pieces, paired with timeless accessories.

Wearing head to toe black with gray and white accents, this Fashionista keeps it simple, but cool in a scoop neck tee, asymmetrical coat, shiny leggings and classic All Star sneakers. The iconic white sneakers balance nicely with the white center stripe leather tote, creating a casual, yet chic, vibe. Rather than a backpack, this Fashionista opts for a luxe Michael Kors tote to carry her school essentials. She then wears her sleek watch (also by Michael Kors) on its own, as a standout piece. She achieves the stylish appearance by playing with textures, mixing her wool coat and satin leggings.

Breezing from classroom to classroom, this monochromatic outfit is fitting for students that have hectic schedules. A comfy outfit to keep you snug throughout the day, a tote to lug around your belongings and a watch to make sure you are on time sure is the perfect outfit for any students that are on the go!

One Simple Change: Studying after school can be a major bummer, but it isn’t all bad if you are wearing a cute outfit! While holing up in the library to cram for that upcoming mid-term, layer on a zip-up hoodie in case they decide to crank up the air conditioning.