School is back in session, and it’s time to reunite with your friends and your textbooks. It’s also time to see everyone sporting the cute clothes they bought over break. With a new class schedule and classmates, now is the perfect time to impress everyone with your style. This Fashionista’s look is perfect for a long day of classes at the start of a new semester. If style were a course, she would definitely get an A+.

The focus of this outfit is obvious—the vest. Faux fur vests always seem to complete any outfit. The vest is what makes the outfit stand out and will get the attention of her classmates. You can get this exact one at Forever 21. The leggings ensure comfort for when you are sitting in a long class or multiple classes in a row. Her blue button-down adds color to the look, which will make sure she isn’t lost in the crowd. She completes the look with a gray circle scarf and a colorful lip.

We love this Fashionista’s look for a day of classes because it is classy, casual and comfortable. It shows that she is chic without going overboard, and she won’t be fidgeting with her clothing throughout the day. If you take notes on this Fashionista’s style, you will feel and look your best for your classes. And let’s face it, knowing you look great makes getting through philosophy so much easier.

One Simple Change: Add some funky jewelry to spice up the outfit a little more! Throw on some bracelets or a cute watch, so when you raise your hand, everyone will know how stylish (and smart) you are.