One thing about college students, they never want to be bundled up too tightly just to go to a 50 minute class. You end up going to class with this goose down jacket on and by the middle of the class you’ve just successfully taken off all the loose feathers from your cashmere sweater! Luckily, North Carolina winter is a bit warmer than most so we can get away with a scarf, UGGs and no jacket. No goose down feathers to stifle your reception of the lesson.

This Fashionista wore North Carolina winter weather graciously. Her cream infinity scarf was crocheted and knit which ensured warmth on the upper body. The orange pants offset the denim magically, and the brown boots solidify the leg warmth and add to the coziness of the outfit. And not to mention, the boots are definitely adorable!

The denim shirt can be just as versatile as the vintage boots! She can open it up and put a dark tie-dyed camisole underneath and instantly make the outfit a bit more fierce. But fret not, the cuteness factor of this Fashionista is thriving. There is nothing wrong with being cute and flirty while hitting the nail right on the head for what to wear to class!

One Simple Change: By switching the boots for thigh high boots, the outfit would be absolutely perfect for a girls night out! It adds some sophistication and shows that you are out to have a good time and look as gorgeous as you feel!