When it comes to Syracuse winters, one thing is for certain: it’s friggin’ freeeeeezing! Trekking to each class everyday feels like a journey on its own, however running from one end of the quad to the other with ten minutes to spare does not mean a girl should spare her looks.

This Fashionista keeps hot and looks hot. Who needs Rachel and Monica when she rocks the ’90s style edge for all three of them? Pairing a bright pair of pants with more neutral colors can make any drab parka look fabulous. Her corduroys are both warm and refreshing as she takes on the tundra.

If I can’t stress one thing enough, it’s the importance of layers. This Fashionista covers up with a turtleneck sweater and adds an edgy brown leather jacket for extra warmth. The duo is modest yet striking; it’s a great way to make use out of basics in your closet or your mom’s closet (if you’re like me…hi mom…).

Best of all, this girl’s got kickin’ booties. Simple black leather booties are the perfect complement to any chic girls’ getup. Also, the traction that’s created by the bottoms of these platform beauties makes them the perfect shoe for a sudden blizzard after walking out of Geology 101.

This Fashionista personalizes the outfit even more by wearing gorgeous medallion earrings and a daring purple lip. If her outfit doesn’t catch your eye, her accessories sure will. Overall, going to class looking this good shows us all that it’s never too cold for good style.

One Simple Change: Running from class to class, and then meeting up with friends for dinner on Marshall Street? Touch up your lips, swap the turtleneck for a cut-out blouse and a long pendent necklace and you’ll be good to go!