Your alarm clock is blaring in your ear telling you to crawl out of bed so you won’t be late for class. Five snoozes later, you look outside your window to see that it’s snowing. You check your phone and wonder why school hasn’t been cancelled. After realizing that the university would send you to class in a blizzard, you make yourself an English muffin with peanut butter, fire up the Keurig and open your wardrobe to pick out an outfit. Don’t worry, this Fashionista has given you one less thing to stress about by providing you with the right tools to tackle this cold snap in style!

The hardest part of tackling the cold weather is already over when you have a trendy jacket. This Fashionista’s black jacket with gold zipper detailing has the flexibility to go with so many different pieces. Today she decided to pair her jacket with a black leather bag that pops with gold zipper detail as well, which adds consistency throughout the outfit. The handbag is large enough to stuff a notebook, pencils and a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. If this Fashionista doesn’t feel like carrying her purse by the handles, she has the freedom to make it an over the shoulder bag with the available shoulder strap. Not only do the gold zippers add unity, but the leather bag complements the black leather detail in her jacket as well.

This Fashionista has the snowy walk to class mastered from the white and black scarf, headphones and my personal favorite, round sunglasses to walk without being blinded by the snow flying in her face. The minimal silver detail in the shades balance with the white in the scarf without adding too much that clashes with the gold in the ensemble.

We can all agree that our hands are the first to freeze, so this Fashionista added print through her gloves that once again coincide with the color scheme of black. To add a slight pop of color, she chose a dark blue lace-up boot to match the dark indigo in her jeggings. This Fashionista made sure to wear shoes that have traction and would keep her feet dry while stomping through the ponds of slush.

It’s evident that this Fashionista has dressing for the snowy weather down to a science. From the black and chic wardrobe with a hint of grunge through the lace-up boots, this student is ready to be fashionably late.

One Simple Change: This look can easily become a girl’s night out attire. Simply lose the headphones and slide on some black ankle booties. With a bright red lip color, this Fashionista will be ready to dance the night away.