Ever experience those random minor heat waves in the middle of winter and don’t quite know what to wear to class? Of course with there being a chance of slight winds, this Fashionista serves as a perfect example on how to dress in unpredictable weather in North Carolina winter, with her casual boho look heading to class.

Her entire look was full of life, embodying everything I advocate—comfortable, cute and still fashion forward with a casual fit while trekking to class. What I love most about her outfit is the detail in her thrifted blue long sleeved blouse and how the sleeves open up towards the hands. The details really turned an ordinary blouse into a trendy look.

This Fashionista also wore a pair of tan denim jeans which I love because the pants helped keep the outfit balanced allowing it to make more since in the winter season. I also loved the Fashionista’s braided brown toned sandals and how the shoes complemented her boho look.

Overall this Fashionista did a great job taking on the unpredictable weather wearing a outfit that gives enough layers when there may be a slight chill, and it’s still light enough for ventilation when the sun is out and shining.

One Simple Change: Her tan threaded flats are perfect for a day of classes. Switch the flats for a pair of pumps that complement the blouse making this outfit perfect for a date night.